Friday, October 23, 2015

Best Gifts for Seniors, Grandma, Grandpa, Friend

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Buying gifts for your grandparent, senior friend or relative is probably the hardest gift shopping to do. Usually, Grandma or Grandpa have more knick knacks, household items, perfume or after shave than they will ever use.  As a result, their names get pushed further and further down your best buy gifts list.

Knick knacks etc were yesterday's gifts for Seniors. Most of my friends have advanced into the 21st techy world. At the senior center, all of my Bridge friends have cell phones. I have friends who  asked me to show them how to text. Several of them have had me to their homes to teach them to copy/paste or share a link. I've even had two who insisted on paying me to help them learn how to use a PC.  Older adults using the internet is increasing. Pew Research survey in 2012 found half of seniors using the internet and owning cellphones.

Wish I had this when I got into the cyber space, digital world years ago.
You're Never Too Old To Surf: A Seniors' Guide to Safe Internet Use.

For the Boomer who has ever wanted to “harness the power of the Internet,” but was not quite sure what that means, or how to do it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How I Use Amazon to Window Shop

You don't have to buy to use Amazon and Shop Smart. Use it to get ideas of styles and prices.  

I've also found while 'cyber window shopping' on Amazon, I can frequently get:

Low prices - yes.  Because they have no brick and mortar shop or store to maintain and connections with suppliers world wide, they can offer low prices.

I like that fact it is :

One Stop Shopping.  No longer just a book and electronic store.  They offer the gamut of products from food and clothes, to garden equipment and tools for every chore.  When I was shopping for sandals I found 55,616 results.  I got ideas beyond my imagination and prices from $8.99 to over $100.00.

Also saves wear and tear on my car and me. No struggling to find a parking space. No standing in line at checkout. No trying to find a clerk to assist.

And, another thing I like is,

Easy Returns. Fill out the form through your account, print the RMA and shipping label and mail the item back.  Amazon will send a replacement or credit your account as soon as the return arrives. 

Subscribe and Save.  Yep, certain products like groceries and diapers can be purchased as a subscription. They will ship your product on a regular basis at the current price and give you 15% off.

This is the Quilt I chose out of more than I could really look at.  This fit my fancy perfectly.

Butterflies Quilt Set

Click the link quick and get details.

Best Bras for Fuller Figures

Best bras for the fuller size aren't always easy to find.  I did some online checking out different full sized bras and read the reviews of buyers.

I learned that women want comfort first.  

Next they want good lift without stabbing into the shoulder blades.

Smooth lines are also important.  

They want a bra that minimizes size but not shape.  That isn't always easy to find.

This Walcol Women's Awareness Full Figure Underwire got 54 t stars. That's about the best I found when reading reviews of various full-figure bras.

Get More Details About This Bra Here

One reviewer said she is a 32G and this is the best bra she ever bought.

Women buying uplifting bras said they want one that is a minimizing as well as uplifting.

For more details on buying bras and especially how to measure for the best fit, go to:

Click here for Lots of Bra Buying Information

Next bra update will include information about different brands of bras including Vera Bradley.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Best Plus Size Bathing Suits -

Usually one piece bathing suits are the best option for the plus size figure.  
When selecting, it is suggested choosing a monochrome color with maybe a small print on one side of the suit for best slimming options.  
Searching for plus size beachwear should use the same time and energy as for any special event shopping.  Before starting the search,  know your body shape and what areas you want to hide.  Are there some spots you want to hide and some to show off?
Your bathing suit or plus size swimwear should have a complimentary balance between the upper and lower body.

Body Shapes:

Pear - Torso and upper body is smaller than your hips with waist definition

Inverted triangle - torso and upper body wider than your hips - with little waist definition  

Rectangle - Torso and upper body are the same width as your hips - little waist definition

Hourglass - Torso and hips are approximately the same width - with waist definition

Apple - Torso and upper body wider than your hips - with little or no waist definition. You might have weight surrounding your waist.  

It's about looking good.  It's about feeling good.  It's about knowing what's good for you.

Some great shop smart idea are a click away.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bras - Sizing isn't always easy

I recently read that 80% of us are wearing the wrong size and style bra. What??? I decided to investigate. I know not all my bras are comfortable. I also know certain ones look better under certain clothes. What a trip I've had checking it all out. Article after article. Page after page, until I finally combined what I think are the important things to know before buying your next bra.

I learned getting the right fit could make us look thinner. I liked that. I also learned that bras made outside the US don't always have cup sizes similar to our USA brands.

Getting fitted, professionally fitted that is, is most important. Know before you buy. Specialty stores like Soma, that primarily sell Intimate apparel, will often have trained bra fitters. They should do it free. Fine department stores usually have a fitter. If not, watch for ads when fitters might be coming to the store near you.

You can do it yourself.

1 - Get a tape measure, tightly wrap it under your bust.

2 - If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches. Even, add 4 inches.

3 - Cup size-wrap the tape around the fullest part of you bust.

4 – Subtract your band size from the cup size.

5 – 1' is A cup; 2' B; 3' C; 4' D; 5"DD; 6' DDD; 7' E
We should have a minimum of 5 bras, two in the same style. One for casual or sports, one for dress up, and one to feel elegant, sexy, and up to date. Once you know your true size, you can Shop Smart on the Internet. You can check out various styles at: So many styles to choose from

Best Handbag Buys

Shop Smart for handbags in your PJs. Shop Smart for handbags, without leaving your home. Be relaxed. See all the latest styles, and, with a click or two, bring the one you want to you. The choices on the Internet are more than vast. One could get handbag overload. Designer bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, clutch, evening, beaded, Celebrity bags and knockoff designer bags are a click away.

My personal favorites are versatile shoulder bags that have detachable straps.  I like one that has lots of room for the things I have to have with me, like wallet, cell phone, compact, tissue, etc and one that is classic that never goes out of style.

I love this tote bag inspired by Michael Kors.  It's made of faux leather, has a double shoulder strap with a gold-tone chain.  It has divided zippers and open pockets as well and an outside pocket for my cell phone.

It comes in various colors.  I chose black, but I also liked the white one.  At the price, $39.10, I could buy two.  That might be what I do.

On the Shop Smart Handbag web page, there are various styles to look at, from shoulder bags, clutches, evening, and designer favorites.  Some knock off designers too, and all are listed by category in the Table of Contents.  Makes it easy to click on the style you want.

If you are shopping for a purse/handbag, this is the place for you.  No using gas going from store to store.  Shop from home and have delivered in two days.  Click on the link below and start shopping

Shop Smart - Handbags Plus

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shop Smart - Dress for Less

I rarely wear a dress. Almost never but that could be changing. I guess the overload of catalogs showing colorful dresses for all occasions just penetrated my psyche and now I'm Shopping Smart on the Internet 

I've been looking for the perfect dress for several upcoming events like graduations, weddings and parties.  I'm a budget shopper. Finding the right dress for the right price is important to me. I need something smart and priced right to wear to my granddaughter's graduation. 

I was amazed at the dresses I found on Amazon that fit my budget.

I found a sleeveless framed neck belted shift dress but the price wasn't exactly in my budget.

 I kept looking and found this black and white polka dot dress that would fit my budget.
Only $44.99 and made in the USA.  It's also cute, classy and very feminine.  
Get More Details by Clicking here.

Next I needed to get some accessories.  Staying with Amazon, I found some things I liked and finally decided on basic pearls.  There were a lot of really pretty ones to choose from. I settled on a 8-9 mm Freshwater Knotted Pearl about 18 inches for $23.99.
 You can check out some of the pearls I looked at here .  I love pearls.  How about you?

Shoes were another thing.  I'm easy to fit so buying shoes on the Amazon is easy for me.  I decided on plain white sandals with a small heel for $22.95.

Total cost of my new outfit.  Polka Dot Dress - $44.99 - Pearls - $23.99 and Sandals - $22.95.  All for under $100.  I think that was some pretty Smart Shopping.